Jeep Renegade Hard Steel Concept Debuts in Geneva

Jeep recently introduced the Renegade Hard Steel Concept at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. With a new look inside and out, this Renegade is upping the ante on style and class. The concept goes beyond the SUV to include a unique matching trailer. Jeep created this show car with partners such as its Mopar accessory brand and the FCA Style Center.

The Jeep Renegade Hard Steel Concept is more than a simple aftermarket customization, according to a Jeep spokesman. The design project aimed to create a unique vehicle that built on the idiosyncrasies of the production vehicle. The concept car builds on the Trailhawk, the Renegade’s off-road edition, and it takes it to a higher level of design refinement.

The Jeep Renegade Hard Steel Concept sports an ultra-modern look. As Autoblog reports, the bodywork treatment is evocative of cutting-edge aviation and marine technology. Digital Trends calls the look macho. Truck Trend says it is reminiscent of the idea and finish of the original DeLorean.

The brushed steel body sports Jeep’s iconic seven slot grille, a creased athletic hood and black hood vents. Matte black provides a sharp contrast in keeping with the high-tech feel of the body color. Black fenders, black bumpers, and special black roof bars outline the look. The black contrast continues with side rubbing strips and unique 16-inch alloy wheels. Mopar accessories are used for the concept’s exclusive grille as well as black running boards, opaque black mirrors and a black tow bar.

Since this Renegade is an off-roading Trailhawk, Jeep added an air suspension that makes it sit a smidge higher in its Hard Steel edition. The beefy BF Goodrich All Terrain tires are as much about function as style. Jeep has also added the Trailhawk logo to the front skid plate.

The technological theme continues into the cabin. Brushed steel frames the vents and the speaker, embellishes the glove compartment and dresses up the shifter. The high tech dash with its right-sized touchscreen adds to the cockpit feeling of the cabin. Still, the designers of the concept car made sure the modern conveniences are balanced with old-fashioned comfort.

Leather seats offer a plush, familiar warmth. The leather is a lead color, imitative of the steel on the outside. The leather’s worn look lends a feeling of ruggedness. The leather-clad door panels are a handsome way to add soft-touch materials. Gray stitching creates a design accent on the seats and panels. Mopar adds special car mats to enhance the look.

Autoblog reviewers wrote they were particularly impressed with the use of Frau Century leather. The color is definitely an automotive novelty. The nuanced texture is achieved through a high-quality coating and intricate craftsmanship.

The matching brushed steel trailer seems like a logical addition. After all, a typical Renegade owner may want a small commuter to drive daily and a hauler for weekend getaways. This compact unit was designed especially for this Jeep which has a 2,000-pound tow rating. Most strikingly, the trailer’s rear quarters mimic the rear architecture of the Renegade itself. Both the SUV and its trailer have round taillights that feature Jeep’s signature cross. Autoblog and Digital Trends both say that the final effect is adorable, an unusual adjective for anything associated with the Jeep brand.

To show off the car’s advanced dashboard technology, Jeep turned the trailer into a hotspot at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. Visitors could try out the technology using a large touchscreen that was displayed in the versatile trailer. Truck Trend commented that this seemed like a great way to have a tailgate party.

The Jeep Renegade Hard Steel Concept features the latest generation of UConnect, Jeep’s telematics system. A Wi-Fi hotspot makes it easy for passengers to use the Internet on their smart devices. This system creates greater access to music and news. Music apps include TuneIn internet radio and Deezer streaming audio. TomTom Live is a real-time traffic app. The user can tap into Facebook and Twitter, too.

The Jeep designers have retained the Trailhawk’s off-road essentials for the Hard Steel Concept. It features skid plates for the gas tank, transmission, transfer case and front suspension. A nine-speed automatic transmission is paired with the most powerful of the Renegade’s engine choices.

With the Renegade Hard Steel Concept, Jeep designers have taken the brand new Renegade into even newer territory.

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