What Are Mopar® Parts and Why Are They Better?

Mopar Parts - Twin Lakes Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Whether you’re looking for accessories or replacement Jeep® parts, we know you have many options in the Monticello area. But even though many of them may look the same, not all of those car parts are alike.

There are Mopar® parts, and there’s everything else. There are some very good reasons we recommend Mopar parts, and why we use them for Jeep service.

What’s Mopar, Anyway?

Mopar is an abbreviation for “motor parts.” You can also think of them as OEM parts, since Mopar is the original equipment manufacturer for most components (save for a few incidentals made to OEM spec, like tires and motor oil) found in RAM trucks, Dodge cars, and Jeep SUVs.

Mopar Parts versus Aftermarket Parts

There are also parts made by third-party manufacturers. Some of these so-called aftermarket parts can be very good; our parts department can suggest certain Jeep accessories or upfits for RAM vans and trucks that we trust, for instance. But that’s not always the case, since some aftermarket companies cut corners on things like fit, finish, and quality control in order to compete on price and sell in volume.

If you’re shopping aftermarket parts instead of visiting our Jeep dealership, it’s worth asking yourself a question: “Am I really saving?” Short term, you might. Longer-term it’s a bit more complicated.

If an aftermarket part fails, you have to make the repair again, which negates the savings. And if a failed aftermarket part causes something else to break, or causes a wear-and-tear penalty at lease end, you’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Mopar Parts Advantages

It’s easy to get what you need from our parts department, since it’s stocked to the rafters. In the rare event we don’t have what you need, we can order it.

But whether it’s here right away or in a day or two, you know it’s the right part, and that it’s manufactured to some high standards. When you’ve invested in a Jeep SUV, it’s a good idea to protect that investment with the best parts.

Save Money on Mopar Parts and Service

We understand you’re not made of money. But there’s a better way to save on parts than clicking a link on an anonymous website and taking your chances.

We offer Mopar parts and service specials. Use them when you visit Twin Lakes Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and save money the right way!