Which Jeep® Parts Need Regular Replacement

November 22nd, 2021 by

Any Jeep® driver knows, there are few things your Jeep SUV can’t do for you. From getting you safely from point A to point B, to tackling the most rugged of terrain off the beaten path, your vehicle is capable of so much — when it’s maintained properly.

You’re likely familiar with routine vehicle maintenance—oil changes, tire rotations, etc. But do you know which Jeep parts need to be replaced eventually on your SUV, or when? Here’s a breakdown from Twin Lakes Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

Commonly Replaced Car Parts

While the specific parts may vary based on the type of vehicle you have, most cars have the same basic needs in terms of part replacements. The way you use the vehicle also matters — a car that commutes heavily every day versus a car that’s only used for the occasional off-road adventure will have different part needs.

Here are some basic parts that need regular replacing:

  • Oil filter: Every oil change
  • Windshield wipers: Annually, or as needed
  • Air filter: Every few years
  • Battery: Every few years, or as needed
  • Spark plugs: As needed
  • Brake pads: Every year, or as needed

Jeep®-Specific Part Replacements

There are some parts that tend to wear down or need replacing that are specific to Jeep vehicles. For example, suspension components such as ball joints, drag links, track bars, and tie rod ends are some of the more commonly replaced parts on a Jeep that’s taken off-road often.

Cooling components are also important to keep up on, as they keep your Jeep engine cool and functioning properly.

Ordering Parts Online

Fortunately for you, our Indiana Jeep dealership allows you to order Jeep parts online, directly to our location. We can even install them on-site for you. Just  visit our website, enter the relevant vehicle and part information, and your parts will be delivered to us ASAP.

Don’t wait — get started today!

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